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"The Foundation"

The Franklin County Cancer Foundation, Inc. was formed in early 1998 to help cancer patients and their families get through the hardship that cancer imposes on them. We want to help in a different, more compassionate and direct way, where other groups leave off. With the combined effort of the community, we can make life a little easier for someone who is trying to cope with cancer, a very devastating disease for the whole family.

"Who We Are"

We are a group of community volunteers working under the guidelines of the 501(C)(3) government standards. FCCF, Inc. needs your help. We have NO PAID staff or administrators.  We are all volunteers and are always looking for volunteers. Help us make a difference.

"Financial Information"

Since the Foundation was founded, it has raised over $1.5 million thru 2022. Over $1.35 million of this has been used to help Franklin County residents to cope with cancer.   

"Patient Services"

We did some research to find out where there was a need and discovered it was patient services.  We offer patient services in four different areas:

  • Durable Medical Equipment:   Including hospital beds, walkers, wheelchairs, stool risers, shower chairs, lift chairs, etc.

  • Durable Means:   Limited financial assistance in select areas.  We can help you get through red tape waiting periods associated with other agencies.

  • Individual Support Volunteers:   One on one with someone who has experienced what you are going through and truly understands.

  • Other Patient Care Needs:   Bandages, adult diapers, nutritional drinks, wigs, hats, etc.




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